Hire 3D Laser Scanning Service- Advantages

Monday , 27, May 2019 Comments Off on Hire 3D Laser Scanning Service- Advantages

If you work for an organization or company that has data surveying needs, then you’re probably familiar with drawbacks of traditional surveying methods. Although traditional surveying, with its successions of 2D drawings and officiously conducted field work, can appear to offer an intensive level of expertise, most of its hallmarks simply amount to doing surveying the hard way, especially compared to performing surveying through a 3D laser scanning service. Below, we list some of the advantages that hiring a 3D laser scanning service has over hiring a traditional surveying provider.Do you want to learn more? visit

-Range of Services

3D laser scanning services are valid for all surveying areas that are traditionally performed by older surveying methods, as well as many areas that are not, including crime scene reconstruction, accident scene reconstruction, rapid prototyping using the latest computer technologies, manufacturing heritage parts from CAD models and gathering precise data from historical objects and structures for restoration purposes. If you find that traditional surveying methods are incapable of accurately reporting data for a particular surveying project, chances are that a laser-scanning service offers a solution.

-Less Expensive

Considering the high cost of laser-scanning technology compared to other surveying technologies, it might seem strange that the laser scanning process costs less than the traditional surveying process, but it does. With traditional surveying, the extensive time required of the surveyor results in more billable hours, which results in a bigger bill. But with laser scanning, it isn’t uncommon for a midsize scanning project to be completed in as little as a few hours, depending on the type of scanning subject and the type scanner required.

-Less Time Consuming

Traditional surveying takes longer than laser surveying for two basic reasons: traditional surveying technology works slower than laser scanning technology, and any problem that arises within the survey results typically requires the intervention of the surveyor. In some situations, the latter scenario simply amounts to paying more money for surveying than expected. But in other situations, such as when manufacturing defects need to be resolved in short order to resume production, waiting for old surveying technologies to elucidate the problem can lead to a significant loss of income and even damage to a product’s reputation.

-Offers More Reliable Data That’s Also Editable

Perhaps the greatest reason to opt for laser-scanning over older surveying methods is that the latter offers more precise data results-a fact that even traditional-surveying services can’t dispute. Furthermore, the data produced by laser scanning can be extremely editable, allowing the customer to play a larger role-and therefore save more money-in the planning and design process by referring to and editing easy to access data models (mesh models, surface models and CAD models) that apply to various endeavors.