Look For A Heart Specialist Melbourne

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The heart is one of the most vital organs of our body, which pumps blood throughout our body via the blood vessels. Considering its importance it is imperative that we take good care of our heart. If you are experiencing any vascular disorder you must consult a cardiologist immediately. Chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, blood pressure, cholesterol etc are a few conditions that are treated by cardiologist. Cardiologist will examine, analyze and treat complications and vascular disorders by prescribing preventive medicines or changes in lifestyle behavior or by conducting medical tests or if needed may also perform a surgery. Through proper check-up and examination a heart specialists melbourne surgeon can help reduce the chances of cardiac arrest.

Human heart is a complex organ. And in order to take care of this vital organ there are different types of cardiologist who specialize in different field of heart problems and their treatment. All cardiologist study the complications of heart, but the study of adult and child heart is very different. A heart surgeon who specializes adult cardiology is not certified to take care of small children and vice-a-versa. A pediatric cardiologist is not licensed to take care of adults.

Some of the branches of this field of medicine are general cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologist and pediatric cardiologist.

General Cardiology – Cardiologist is the first doctor to visit when a person has any heart related complications. And if the problem needs any particular treatment, the patient will then be referred to specific surgeon who is an expert in that field.

Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons – They perform major surgeries like heart by-pass or open heart surgery or blocked arteries or blood clots in veins.

Interventional Cardiologist – They perform surgeries like angioplasty and stenting to prevent an artery from blocking again.

Pediatric Cardiologist – They specialize in diagnosing and treating new born and children heart related problems. When a new born or a child shows symptoms of heart abnormality like heart murmurs, chest pain, dizziness or palpitation a pediatric cardiologist examines and decides the course of treatment as to what type of cardiac testing should be done and what type of cardiac procedures may be prescribed.