Skills Needed For A Salesforce Consultant

Thursday , 16, May 2019 Comments Off on Skills Needed For A Salesforce Consultant

Over the past few years the IT industry has seen great demand for Salesforce Consultants who have the right blend of knowledge and skills to excel and deliver better solutions for their organization. It is expected from a Salesforce Consultant to bring value to the table. One must have the expertise, technical and problem solving ability, business savvy along with people, outstanding presentation and communication skills. We share with you some of the essential skills that are required as a Salesforce Consultant.The original sourceĀ a successful consultant needs.

  1. Business Empathy

The ability to understand a business from the perspective of your client is called Business Empathy. This is one of the most important attributes of a Salesforce consultant and takes time to be perfect with. One should imagine as if it’s the first day in the company and ask as many questions about the company as possible in order to be a good consultant.

  1. Requirements Gathering

It is important that a good Salesforce consultant is able to gather all the requirements which should be clear, concise and accurate that the client accepts. This facilitates the smooth running of the project later.

  1. Communication

Strong communication skills are a must for a successful Salesforce Consultant. Written communication holds more fundamental but verbal communication is what makes you stand out from the rest of your peers. One must have the ability to communicate verbally complex functional and technical requirements across a wide spectrum of job roles and hierarchies. Confidence is the key word to be a powerful Salesforce consultant.

  1. Manage Expectations

It is very annoying and frustrating for clients when they get delivered something else than what was expected. Here, the key role of the consultant becomes how to manage the client’s expectations and having good communication skills is really helpful here. If one builds and manages relationships effectively, then that relationship bond will itself manage the client expectations. And of course, it is much better to under-promise beforehand and over-deliver later.

  1. Add value

Today, as we know that there are many consultants, certifications, partners, apps etc. available in the Salesforce ecosphere. So one must add value to themselves to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get noticed. Clients are really happy when their consultant applies all his previous experiences, knowledge and intelligence according to the needs.