Tips for Getting An AC Unit Ready for Summer-Explained

Wednesday , 6, February 2019 Comments Off on Tips for Getting An AC Unit Ready for Summer-Explained

The heat is on! It is time to get your home ready for the summer. Most people remember to winterize their homes but what about making sure your home is ready for the heat? You need to get your home ready for the heat just like you need to prepare it for the cold. Start with getting your air conditioner checked by a qualified air conditioning contractor. Be sure it is running in top condition and not overworking so it runs efficiently. Check all the seals around your windows and doors to be sure they are sealed as tight as possible to avoid letting the cold out and the heat inside. If you do not already have a programmable thermostat this may be the perfect time to install one.

Programmable thermostats are not expensive and the savings in your electric bill can be substantial. You can program it to be set at a higher temperature when you are not at home and cool down as you arrive home.

Many newer homes have blown insulation that can get smashed down easily and not do a good job insulating your home and insulation is just as important in the summer especially in the hotter states. If your insulation is worn down, think about installing some rolled insulation to protect your home.summer home prepping tips has some nice tips on this.

If you have a swimming pool you will have to increase the cleaning time as the heat goes up. The general rule is that for every ten degrees the temperature is you will need one hour of run time on your pool pump. This does increase your electric bill but you also need to maintain your pool as well.

Think about your plants and lawns, they will need to have the amount of water increased as well as more often than they needed in the cooler months. It is a good time to add color to your landscaping with seasonal flowers in your pots and flower beds.

Window tinting and sunscreens will also play a large part of saving on your electric bill by keeping the heat out of your home. Your interior blinds can also play a large part in keeping your home cool and your bills lower.

Ceiling fans help to circulate the air while you are in a particular room. The one thing that people fail to understand is to be sure and shut them off when you are not in the room. The heat from the motor can actually warm up the room. If you have an extra refrigerator or freezer in your garage, you should shut them down for the summer or simply get rid of them all together. They are having to run more than an interior refrigerator because of the heat in your garage.

A good way to cool down rather than cranking up the air after being outdoors is to go for a swim. Cool down at night either by a quick swim or a cool shower before heading to bed. Use your microwave or outdoor grill more often than heating up the oven which will warm up the kitchen. You can also use a crock pot but a good idea is to plug it in outside on the patio to keep the heat in the kitchen at a minimum. All these ideas can asset in keeping your bills down and you cool in the heat of the summer.