Tips for Picking Out The Right Home Projection Equipment-An Analysis

Sunday , 6, January 2019 Comments Off on Tips for Picking Out The Right Home Projection Equipment-An Analysis

Home theater projectors are a great way to capture that special feeling of going to the movies within the walls of your own home. Projectors display their content in widescreen, recreating the letter box format of the cinema. Many different makes and models of digital projectors with many different features are available on the market today. There are important things to consider before running out to the nearest electronics store.

Home theater projectors come in three different formats including CRT, LCD, and DLP. CRT projectors are video projectors that use cathode ray tubes. Three tubes: one blue, one green, one red, are blended together to recreate color combinations on screen. This is the oldest video projector technology and its use has been steadily decreasing in recent years because of its large size and the advent of newer technologies, tips for picking out the right home projection equipment.

One of these new technologies is the LCD video projector. It uses liquid crystal display light gates to reproduce moving images on a screen. It is the simplest and most affordable type of video projector, but suffers from issues with pixilation that affect its overall picture quality. Another even newer type of video projector is the DLP projector. DLP video projectors incorporate Texas Instrument’s digital light processing technology. These video projectors use one or two light valves to produce a crystalline image. Although they are top of the line, they do have some drawbacks. A rainbow effect can be seen by viewers when they move their eyes. An increase in the amount of valves being used has eliminated this problem, but these models are more costly.

DVD projectors, home theater projectors with a built in DVD player and speakers, are also available. DVD projectors are attractive due to their ability to instantly transform your living room into a home theater. Most are designed to conveniently sit on top of a living room table. DVD projectors are not limited to DVD use since they included hook ups, so you can use your DVD projector as a device to share family pictures and home videos as well. Home theater projectors with higher resolutions provide a superior viewing experience, but they are quite a bit more expensive. It is important to find the right balance of cost and features in a projector to meet your home theater needs.